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25 Nov

T Turd

Posted in Listing on 25.11.12 by Merlyn

A certain amount of Splendid t Pictures

  1. T Turd

    Image by red5standingby
    I don’t remember ordering, or for that matter eating 1 T. Turd.

    I can however highly reccomend Palace Spice should you be in Crystal Palaxce and want a yummy curry.

  2. Geek t-shirts I still know & love

    Image by pfctdayelise
    See also past geek t-shirts –

    and the backs of two of these shirts –

    Only 3 (maybe 4) of these are men’s cut. In a giant not-coincidence, they are also the shirts I wear while exercising or bumming around the house, as opposed to when I go out.

    Women geeks, including fat women geeks, like nice t-shirts too!



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